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Atrox Fortuna 
Atrox Fortuna is a unique organization working with brands in online & offline spaces.


Unique Proposition

Digital Products

Distribution & Supply Chain

Online Advertising

Unique Proposition

Atrox Fortuna gets into a partnership agreement with brands to help them establish their online presence, which leads to creating an effective alternative / additional sales channel for the brand. All the resources required to make this happen are the investment of Atrox Fortuna for the brand. The returns on this investment come from the revenue-sharing agreement that Atrox Fortuna forges with brand partners. Eyeing long-term relationships with brand partners, Atrox Fortuna aims at significant value creation both for the brand & incremental revenue streams for its partners & collaborator.

Digital Products

ATROX FORTUNA is aware of how the digital world is developing and shifting daily. This is especially true while using a browser to browse the internet. We enjoy developing innovative items that will broaden the digital horizons of online users. We find this to be thrilling, difficult, and ultimately gratifying. To create and develop a product strategy that supports your exciting new browsing experiences, our creative team of development engineers collaborates.

These services include developing, engineering, and implementing software and technology and digital wireframing traffic patterns.

 We conceptualize, create, and monetize web- and mobile-based products.

We plan and execute innovative products that are used by customers all around the world thanks to our consulting experience and a team that is passionate about offering top technology search engine solutions.

Distribution & Supply Chain Business

Atrox Fortuna helps brands and early-stage product companies are creating distribution channels across offline retail & institutional sales channels. Our team would help you strategize the most cost-effective way of launching your products in the domestic & International Markets. We help product companies in the distribution of their stock across business-to-business and business-to-consumer segments. We offer wide services from likes of warehousing, online & offline marketing, government tender participation & sales.

Online Advertising

We offer performance-based online marketing programs for your products & services. We cover a wide range of online networks like Outbrain, Taboola, Google Display Network, and Meta Audience Network where we can help you run & manage the most suitable campaigns to meet your KPIs. Atrox Fortuna is a leading provider of performance-based marketing solutions trusted by an array of brands, media publishers, and agencies. We are always looking for new customers, partnerships, and ideas to improve the digital ecosystem.









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